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Learn 24/7 anywhere, anytime on any device. Training that works!

What you get with ITC


Key Features


  • Over 200 courses in our library.
  • In-house content developed by our award winning production and development team.
  • We work with the industry's leading instructors with a minimum of 10 years' experience in their respective subject matter.
  • Our support team is always there to assist you with your questions via phone or email.

Our Popular Courses

Our Proven Learning System Includes..

Instructor Led Lectures

All ITC Courses replicate a live-class experience, with an instructor on-screen delivering the lectures and going through the course theories, concepts with you. Lectures are pre-recorded and available to the student 24/7 online via our Learning Management System. You can go back to the lecture or the content whenever you like as the system is fully controlled by the user. Our industry-led instructors have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the subject that they are teaching and many a times are the authors of the official content from the vendor. They are energetic and charismatic to ensure that the user is engaged throughout the course and enjoy their learning experience with us.

Visual Demonstrations, Educational Games & Flashcards

We at ITC understand that all the students are not alike, so different delivery methods are needed in order to achieve a large student base. Keeping that in mind, we deliver our content in a variety of different ways to ensure that the student stays engaged and productive throughout the course. Our courseware includes instructor-led lab demonstrations and visual presentations that allow you to develop their skills on the real world scenarios explained by the instructor.

Mobile Optimization & Progress Tracking

Our courses are optimized for all mobile devices allowing students to learn on the go whenever they have free time. Students can access their courses from anywhere and their progress is completely tracked and recorded.

Quizzes and Exam Simulators

ITC custom practice exams prepare you in an effective matter than the traditional exam preparations available in the market. Students will need to practice quizzes after each module to ensure that they are confident on the module that they completed. This allows student to gauge effectiveness before moving on the next module of your course.

World Class Learning Management System

ITC provides the next generation learning management system (LMS). An experience that combines the feature set of traditional learning with advanced functionality designed to make your learning process easy and engaging. Students can access our platform anywhere, on any device to learn, share and grow in real time. Learn anytime, anywhere 24/7.

Know More About Us


ITC is one of the leading online training provider for IT courses online. Unlike others in the industry, we develop our entire curriculum "in-house" using our partners digital production studios at their corporate headquarters.

By using the proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles, we create the highest quality courses in the field of IT training online.

To ensure that we meet & deliver the high quality standards, we employ only the leaders in the field of IT to create award winning courses.

We at ITC have always had extremely passionate employees that truly care and value our students and their success in their career field. From our production to the marketing team , all of the teams work in synergy to bring new courses to market quickly and satisfy our existing as well as new students in achieving their career goals. Enroll today and experience the proven solution that is helping thousands of IT professionals succeed in their career.

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